Would you let a robot do your bookkeeping?

Would you let a robot do your bookkeeping? Hi, my name’s Scott Trevethan and I’m the founder of Go Global Bookkeeping. You know, I understand what business owners are confused because those accounting software providers are out there saying, if you buy our accounting software, then you don’t need a bookkeeper, you don’t need anyone, because we’ve got artificial intelligence to such a point that things will just get done automatically.

Well, I hate to burst everyone’s bubble, but AI is not quite there yet. And unless you’re willing to run your business, according to a very prescriptive way that the accounting software provider would like, then unfortunately, you’re going to need a human to interact between you and your accounting software.I mean, let’s face it. It’s not quite Skynet time yet. Is it? 

So if you know someone who’s convinced that AI can take over all of their business finances, then why don’t you go ahead and tag them in the video below.

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