Our accountant gives you capacity (time) which enables productivity (billings) which results in more fees, happier clients, and more time for you!


Unfunk Your Business Finances

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Your very own fully qualified and Trained Accountants

We lease your a fully qualified and trained accountants for your exclusive use.  We have full time trainers who will continually develop your new team member so they can continue to be more and more productive to you.  No need to come and train them yourself, we do all that, although you are always welcome in our offices!

If you’re answering ‘YES’ to any of these
questions, we might be right for you…

Are you time poor, starting to avoid client’s calls and demands and just meeting deadlines?

Do you struggle to find locally committed accountants who just want to do the work?

Do you already offshore some jobs but are now finding more and more mistakes and higher and higher costs?

Are you concerned about the Australian Privacy Principles and how it pertains to offshore assistance?

Do you see value in a month to month service that doesn’t lock you into an offshore provider or team member for long periods of time?

Do you want to work with an offshore provider who ONLY works with Australian Accountants, Bookkeepers and Businesses?


Just some of the amazing Benefits of leasing a full time Accountant with Financial Fanatics Six Benefits

Dedicated Team Member

Your very own dedicated Accountant that you can indoctrinate into your values, culture and way of operating.

Tax Board Ready

Our team all have equivalent Accounting degrees to satisfy the qualification requirement of the Tax Agent Board

Trained in Australian Tax

We have full-time trainers who will not stop training and upskilling your leased team member because we only have to worry about Australian tax!

Flexible Arrangements

We don’t lock you into inflexible contracts with large upfront payments and penalties for leaving early.  Just month to month.

Client Success Manager (CSM)

Our very experienced tax and accounting CSMs will ensure you get the most out of your team member – for no extra charge!

Easy Billing

We use Practice Ignition to collect a fixed, transparent and consistent fee from you monthly in advance in Australian dollars.  No fuss, no foreign currency worries!


Just some of our happy Accountants and Bookkeepers using Financial Fanatics!

Gavin Milner
Scott Partners – Chartered Accountants


We are here to help

You know that if you service your clients really well, and exceed their expectations in getting their annual tax done, they will refer you to similar, like minded clients.  They will be more prepared to give you testimonials and reviews on Google and Facebook too! And if we free up some of your time, maybe you have some more time to get out and about!  A full time extra set of hands for the cost of half or less or a local Accountant is the easy and affordable way to get more clients!