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DON’T use the wrong accounting software. Hi, my name’s Scott Trevathan and I’m the founder of Go Global Bookkeeping. And a lot of business owners are confused about exactly which accounting software provider to use for their business. Well, let’s look, it’s a really great question and one that can really cause you trouble, if you get it wrong. You see, since the advent of what’s known as cloud accounting, there were really three main players in the accounting software world. They are QuickBooks, MYOB and Xero. Now QuickBooks is the world’s largest accounting software provider, MYOB is big in Australasia, but Xero’s the new player in the market. It was built around the cloud accounting. 

Now the really important part of this is which of these three accounting softwares really allow your industry specific applications to plug directly into them. And for my money, the answer’s going to be Xero. It has the biggest, biggest  in an environment of plugins for your business.

So if you know someone who’s struggling with understanding exactly what accounting software they should use for their business, why don’t you tag them in the comments below?

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Find out if we can solve your bookkeeping problems