Testimonials & Reviews


We extend our appreciation to Financial Fanatics for the excellent attention to detail in picking up on the missing reports from the email and diligently following through on getting the missing documents during our absence. Such actions definitely make our lives easier.
Andrew Buckingham
I wanted to express my gratitude for your excellent work in handling both accounts payable and payroll. I appreciate your efficiency. Well done to the entire team!
Ben Johnston
General Manager
I would like to extend my appreciation for the consistently excellent work. Thank you to the entire Financial Fanatics team for your continued dedication.
Hemmat Nasrallah
Account Manager
Our processes are falling into place, and the reports are shaping up exceptionally well. It's like a puzzle where all the pieces are seamlessly coming together. I'm genuinely grateful to Financial Fanatics for the dedication and hard work; you can see it in the way everything is getting done efficiently, especially with the substantial amount of processing involved.
Leigh Davie
Director of Management of Accounting
Kudos to everyone! Your collective effort is truly amazing.
Natasha Chambers
Partner & Chief Operation Officer
I want to express my gratitude to Financial Fanatics. The team's collective efforts are truly a Godsend. Thank you!
Walter Badaracco
Account Manager
As the owner of a copywriting and content marketing business, I realised managing invoices and payments was taking me an entire day every month. Since finding Financial Fanatics, I have been able to reclaim that time and use it to increase my profits. My bookkeeper is responsive, proactive and really enjoyable to have worked alongside me.
Clea Sherman
Freelance Copywriter
The bookkeeping services that Scott from Financial Fanatics has helped us with has saved us immensely in time and cost! We now refer anyone that needs help outsourcing their accounting or bookkeeping to Scott and we know they're all in good hands.
Annie Nguyen
Outsourcing Angel
We switched over to Financial Fanatics for our bookkeeping and we've been really impressed with their services.  They're very responsive to our requests, they provide consistent, regular support. They're very professional and easy with communication.
Brett Long
Refresh Hygiene