Who can do bookkeeping so you don’t have to?

DON’T let your husband do the books. Hi, my name’s Scott Trevethan and I’m the founder of Go Global Bookkeeping now Financial Fanatics. And a lot of business owners that I come across asked me, can’t their life partner just do their bookkeeping for them? Well, the reality is that yes, they can. As long as they’re trained up in all of the different processes and software systems that your business uses to make sure that you keep track of all your inputs and outputs of the business.

A bookkeeper’s job really is to help the business owner identify exactly the performance of the business at any given time. It’s a specialized job that requires a lot of experience and often life partners as well, meaning as they are, don’t have that experience all the necessary knowledge to really help you drive your business forward.

So if you’ve got a life partner who’s insisting on doing the books, why don’t you tag them in the comment section below?

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